CD, DVD & USB duplications & replications
Inhouse production and service

Pressing machines
Success productions, data processing & artwork

As a CD-DVD manufacturer, Interdisc successfully delivers productions and services in the digital media environment.
Our CD & DVD lines produce your projects 24/7, printed in screen printing and offset printing.

Your supplied data is processed and our graphics department checks the artwork so that the printing of the desired media and its packaging can take place without problems.
This way no time is lost and we respect the agreed delivery time.

Duplication machines
24/24 CD & DVD duplication (+ storage)

If you urgently need up to 300 pieces, we offer you our duplication service. Digital printing, duplication and delivery within 24 hours is daily work for us, an important option for you. We are happy to send you an example of our print quality on request.

The assembly lines package your product mechanically. Non-standard packaging is done manually. For this we also have a large capacity.
In Antwerp you will find our offices with warehouse and if desired you can store your CDs, DVDs and packaging with us. We process and deliver on demand to you or your relations.

Do you have a specific project or do you want a personalized offer?
Mail us at


We offer all capacities with printing and upload.
Even if you deliver your sticks, we can upload your data in very short terms.

  • CD & DVD replication in formats 12 and 8 cm
  • Businesscard CD & DVD
  • CDR & DVDR duplication
  • CDR & DVDR printing in screen printing, offset or digital
  • USB upload with printing or engraving
  • Packaging simple to showbiz
  • Conversions such as VHS to DVD
  • And even 3.5 diskette duplication
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